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Trouble Comes In A Small Package

Posted on the 16th of April, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Teddy And His Mouse

Back in 2011, my wife and I were looking for another cat for our family. Kellie had wanted an orange kitty with a flat face. So we visited the local humane society and found this guy. We fell in love with him right away but unfortunately he was on hold for another family. We left the humane society without a cat that day and several days later we returned. By some small miracle, he was back up for adoption and available.

Teddy found a home and received a name.

He is a physically short, very sociable cat. In fact he sits on my lap as I type this...

Several months after having Teddy in our house, he was completely in his element. That is when he found the feather toy. Not so much the feather but the string it was attached to.

Strings can be very dangerous in cats. They often times will get caught in the stomach while the free end passes into the intestines. This causes what is called a "linear foreign body." It is a problem that requires surgery to fix and left untreated, can cause life-threatening complications.

Trouble comes in small packages and Teddy is that package. This was an x-ray we took of Teddy after we thought he ate some corded nylon off our bedroom blinds.

Teddy X-ray Small

 Can you see where the problem is? Let me enlarge the picture and help you out...

Teddy X-ray Large

Yep, that is string material in his stomach. Fortunately, I have had great success getting Teddy to vomit with a medication we have at our hospital.

After the above incident we were able to get him to throw up the string in his stomach but it wasn't the corded nylon from the blinds, it was 2 hair binders that he sneaked from the bathroom.

Cats are very smart but Teddy doesn't seem to learn his lesson from eating string; and neither do his parents...

Teddy Vomit 1 Teddy Vomit 2 Teddy Vomit 3 Teddy Vomit 4 Teddy Vomit 5

The pen in the last picture is just a reference for the length of the string. Among the other items he has eaten are bristles off a broom, phone chargers, headphone wires, shoelaces, drawstrings at the base of jackets, and computer chargers.

I just wanted to use my cat Teddy as an example of the importance of kitten proofing your house. It takes just one string to lead to major surgery and a lot of stress for the whole family.

If your cat has eaten string, a plant, or something else they shouldn't have - please contact us at 651-739-0117 or at


Posted by: John Clappier, DVM

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