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A Heart Of Gold

Posted on the 2nd of July, 2014 at 8:00 AM

ElvisSomeone once told me when I was contemplating getting a Golden Retriever, “They are truly the best dogs in the world, but they will break your heart.” As I write this, with tears streaming down my face, I realize how right they were.

Elvis was one of “those” dogs. One of those dogs that you know you will only have the chance to own once in your lifetime. One of those dogs who always made you look good, like a real life dog whisperer, even when you were far from it. One of those dogs who had been through everything with you, all the trials and tribulations of life, always there when you needed him most.

There are so many things Elvis could have done, but he didn’t. So many kids’ toys, socks, and other things left on the ground he could have eaten, but he didn’t. He had an uncanny ability to decipher between his toys and his human brother’s toys. So many deer or other wildlife in the yard he could have chased, but he didn’t. All it took was one look from us and he would sit down instead of bounding across the yard after a furry critter. So many times he could of lost his patience with a toddler falling all over him, but he didn’t.

Elvis died unexpectedly and without us next to him.

There are so many things I could have done, but didn’t get the chance to. I could have tried to save him, but didn’t get the chance. I could have tried to ease his pain, but didn’t get the chance. I could have given him one last hug or belly scratch, but didn’t have a chance to. I could have thanked him for being the most wonderful dog a family could ever have, but unfortunately never got a chance.

I can only hope there is a reason we did not get to say good-bye, and that is because this truly isn’t good-bye. I like to believe that somewhere, sometime we will be together again.

So if you haven’t hugged your Golden today, please do so as you never know what tomorrow will bring. To the most sweet, loving, loyal dog a family could ever ask for, it was a privilege to have you a part of our family and words cannot describe what you meant to us. From a little boy who misses you very much and a family that is trying to put the pieces of their heart back together…realizing we will always be one piece short.

Posted by: Jodene Beck, DVM

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