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Fitting In or Sticking Out?

Posted on the 17th of September, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Lucy SmilingOur little Lucy is now 3 months old – eating, pooping, smiling and enjoying life. Given the uniqueness of our resident furry family, we were a little concerned bringing our little “Lu” home to meet the pets for the first time.

As expected, the cats were indifferent. Each cat came to smell her, exercised their vomeronasal organ, then left uninterested but still curious from afar. The dogs, on the other hand, appeared completely oblivious that there was a little human in our lap. They acted as if she were just another blanket to keep themselves warm.

Before bringing Lucy home, our primary concern was whether or not the cats would decide to join her for nighttime “naps.” On the weeks leading up to Lucy’s arrival, we tried to make the crib unenjoyable with lots of aluminum foil and a motion-activated cat deterrent. Nonetheless, Lennie was able to find his way into the crib and find a cozy spot despite all our efforts. Although we appreciate the fur and purr at night, we didn’t want our little Lucy to have a friendly visitor while we were sleeping; therefore we found the best cat prevention was restriction by keeping all the cats out of the bedroom.

The biggest challenge we have found in our growing little family is finding time for everyone. Obviously Lucy has been our priority but we try to have kitty playtime and get out on family walks. Sometimes we run out of energy or daylight, but we try to make a conscious effort to make sure everyone is included.

Some of the fun in all this is Lucy’s increasing awareness of her brothers and sisters. She has now started to track them around the room and we are excited to see how she will interact with them as she grows.

This wonderful experience has showed us the challenges of adding a newborn to our furry family; but it also has proven to be much easier than we ever could imagine. My advice for anyone who has pets and is expecting a child is to do your research; take appropriate precautions with your new baby and always have him/her within arm’s reach when your pets are around. Every situation and pet will be a little different. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to help!

Lucy With Pets

Posted by: John Clappier, DVM

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